Every Boxer Has Their Cornerman. That's Us, but For Your Finances.

Welcome to your Personal Tax and Insurance Board of Advisors

Lopez Advisors is a family-owned and -operated insurance, tax and consulting firm, located in Spring, Texas. For years, we've helped guide individuals and businesses through the complicated process of tax preparation, educating them on the financial climates they operate in, and protecting the things that matter most in their lives—including life itself. No other agency cares for their clients the way we do—it's in our nature, and is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Tax Preparation

We've served businesses with revenues ranging from $50K to $15M, across a variety of industries. We've helped families and business owners navigate the ever-changing tax laws, and educated them to prepare for the future. We'd love to do the same for you.

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Insurance Plans

When Hurricane Harvey pulverized thousands of homes in 2017, countless families learned that many of their possessions were not protected by insurance. We work to help protect the things that matter most to you, and ensure you're not left out in the rain.

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Your Priorities Are Our Priorities. We're Here to Help.

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